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Opera Lab Berlin believes in a multifaceted approach to contemporary musical theatre, producing large scale works, organising co-operative projects with other artists, and most recently launching the experimental drama series IM FELD (IN THE FIELD). IM FELD brings together a composer, a director and a small ensemble in Berlin’s Acker Stadt Palast for one week of rehearsals and performances, providing an open space for the creation of new experimental musical theatre where artistic creativity can meet open-minded, curious audiences in an intimate setting. Meanwhile, annual larger scale productions at Ballhaus Ost have already been planned for the coming years.
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An Opera Lab Berlin and BAM! – Berlin festival for contemporary music theatre production

Lonely Hearts Bus Tour

sponsored by Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Schering Foundation and der Rudolf Augstein Foundation

Vehicles of public transport are stages of drama and present a microcosm of urban life - as in LONELY HEARTS BUS TOUR, a journey into the lonely heart of Berlin. Opera Lab Berlin’s bus trip responds to the rapid changes that the city is undergoing, focusing in particular on the area of ​​the festival area in Berlin-Mitte and its transformation from a lively oasis of alternative culture to the monotonous shop window of the global brand Berlin. Electronic beats (the melancholic heartbeat of the city) give the pulse of this cardiogram, which, by sound, noises, pictures and texts, leads into Berlin's lonely heart and the lonely hearts of Berlin.

September 21st 17:00 opening night / September 22nd 13:00* and 16:30 / September 23rd 16:00 and 18:00

Koppenplatz 3-4, 10115 Berlin

Free Entrance

The number of seats is limited. Please reserve your free tickets at ticket@bam-berlin.org! Two tickets per person. Any remaining tickets will be available on the door. 

The performance lasts approximately one hour and is in English.

*performance with video documentation (possible interruptions and repeats)

With generous support from the

Mojavari Gallery

Koppenplatz 2, 10115 Berlin-Mitte


Audience members are invited to visit the Mojavari Gallery before and after performances.

Composition and Libretto: Evan Gardner

Direction, Libretto and Stage Design: Michael Höppner

Musical Direction: Antoine Daurat

Costume Design: Isabelle Kaiser

Lights: Gustav Kleinschmidt

Video: Nastasja Keller

Makeup: Martin Rink

Constructions: Lenny Christian Hinum

Assistant Direction: Anna-Sophie Weber

Production Management: Laila Kühle

with Gina May Walter (soprano), Alba Gentili-Tedeschi (keyboards), Shin-Joo Morgantini (flute), Antoine Daurat and Georg Bochow