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Opera Lab Berlin believes in a multifaceted approach to contemporary musical theatre, producing large scale works, organising co-operative projects with other artists, and most recently launching the experimental drama series IM FELD (IN THE FIELD). IM FELD brings together a composer, a director and a small ensemble in Berlin’s Acker Stadt Palast for one week of rehearsals and performances, providing an open space for the creation of new experimental musical theatre where artistic creativity can meet open-minded, curious audiences in an intimate setting. Meanwhile, annual larger scale productions at Ballhaus Ost have already been planned for the coming years.
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Supported by Musikfonds e.V.

Once upon a time, winged omniscient sirens lured sailors to their fatal reefs. Ignored by Odysseus returning home from war and drowned out by cruise ship entertainer Orpheus, they fell into the water, only to be rescued by P.T. Barnum and his Industry of Culture. The great seducers remain eternally unsatisfied...

From the Bernhard Lang's five-part "DW 16r Retexture: Songbook I" for female voice and three instruments, Opera Lab Berlin creates a polyphonic piece of music theater. 

Premiere: Fri 17.11.2017

Further performances: Sat 18.11.2017 / Sun 19.11.2017


Acker Stadt Palast Berlin

Ackerstraße 169/170

Tickets: 8-15€ (pay what you wish)

available at karten@ackerstadtpalast.de and on the door


Composer: Bernhard Lang

Stage Director and Editor: Michael Höppner

Musical Directors: David Eggert, Jack Adler-McKean

Artistic Director and Editor: Evan Gardner

Stage Design and Costumes: Aurel Lenfert

Margaux Marielle-Tréhoüart: Dancer

Gina May Walter: Soprano

Nina Guo: Soprano

Sophie Catherine: Alto

Pedro Pablo Cámara Toldes: Saxophone

Mia Bodet: Keyboard

Evdoxia Filippou: Percussion

Wir Aus Glas

The everyday life: countless small routines, which unpredictably unwind again and again. From the morning tooth brushing and toilet visit through to bed-time mode at night, we move inevitably through each and every day. But what becomes of our rituals if we put them under the lens? In WIR AUS GLAS, such routines are emphasised and distorted by the composer Yasutaki Inamori through instrumental soundscapes. The everyday lives of different people are subjected to microscopic examination: we follow six inhabitants of a city over a period of one week, considering their consistent daily activities, and enlarging through observation all their peculiarities; what changes, what stops, what gets out of step, and what indeed cannot get out of step. This results in a mosaic of diverse little excerpts of life; a reflection on relationship between the public and the private, and the difficulty of finding a balance between the two. Inamori was born in Tokyo in 1978, studied composition first at the Gakugei University in Tokyo, and then the Kölner Musikhochschule with Johannes Schöllhorn and Michael Beil. He currently lives in Detmold having finished his studies in Cologne in 2011, winning in the same year the prestigious Bernd Alois Zimmermann scholarship.

Premiere: 02.06.2018

Munich, Muffathalle

Further performances: 03., 04., 05.06.18

Premiere in the Tischlerei of Deutsche Oper Berlin:


Further performances: 19., 21., 22., 23., 24.06.2018


Composer: Yasutaki Inamori

Libretto: Gerhild Steinbuch

Director: David Hermann

Stage Design: Jo Schramm

Costume: You-Jin Seo

Dramaturgy: Dorothea Hartmann

Musical Director: Elda Laro


Sandra Hamaoui: Soprano

Alexandra Hutton: Soprano

Clemens Bieber: Tenor

John Carpenter: Baritone


Ulrike Ruf: 'Cello

Mia Bodet: Violin

Florian Bensch: Bassoon

Callum G'Froerer: Trumpet

Martin Danek: Oboe

Musashi Baba: Trombone