Who's afraid of pop culture?

Opera Lab Berlin is looking for film directors

Are you a budding new film director? Is Opera and Pop your jam? Have you always wanted to be part of the wrecking ball that destroys the walls between classical music, performance theatre, Music-Theatre, contemporary music and pop culture? Are you ready to go viral? If it's a yes, then Opera Lab Berlin wants YOU! We want to create music videos using contemporary music arrangements of pop songs to reinvent and remix the notion of Pop.   

Contemporary Music & Pop

In “Who's afraid of Pop Culture?” five of the most popular pop songs of all time will be arranged and remixed with the means of contemporary music and studio-recorded by the beginning of June 2021. These recordings then make up the basis for one-day music video shoots in Berlin “Kiez” locations in July 2021 by five separate, independent film teams. We aim to reach the biggest most diverse possible audience when publishing these videos on YouTube.

What we offer

In order to produce five music videos Opera Lab Berlin is offering a highly talented pool of artists, technical equipment, an advisory team of experienced ensemble members paired with an equal artistic voice from the very beginning, endless passion for everything new - and a fee of 750€ per film director. 

What we’re looking for

Opera Lab Berlin is searching for up-and-coming directors eager to experiment. If you’re interested, we kindly ask you to send us a short CV, a few sentences about what interests you in the project as well as a maximum of three video links, which give us a sense of your artistic work by April 7th 2021.

Selection process

You will hear back from us until April 18th and, if chosen, will also receive our pre-selection of pop songs and an invitation to a two hour digital collaborative work session, in which we will look for realisable concepts together. 

Please send applications to: mail@opera-lab-berlin.com


This project is supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.