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Opera Lab Berlin believes in a multifaceted approach to contemporary musical theatre, producing large scale works, organising co-operative projects with other artists, and most recently launching the experimental drama series IM FELD (IN THE FIELD). IM FELD brings together a composer, a director and a small ensemble in Berlin’s Acker Stadt Palast for one week of rehearsals and performances, providing an open space for the creation of new experimental musical theatre where artistic creativity can meet open-minded, curious audiences in an intimate setting. Meanwhile, annual larger scale productions at Ballhaus Ost have already been planned for the coming years.
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Ostravaganza Screenings

The documentary "Ostravaganza – Discovery of East German Avant-Garde" is ready for viewing! Director Martin Miotk accompanies culture journalist Marion Christen at her search for traces of the true origin of avant-garde music.

The story: Six East German artists didn’t only give rise to the most important innovations of New Music, they also still indulge experimental music in a subversive cultural underground in senior residencies and cultural centers. The sprightly pensioners officially personate as schlager- and entertainment stars and disguise their performances as nostalgic shows and tea dances, where they already had to hide their avant-gardist artistic work under dictation of the GDR regime. These pioneers of the radical modernism now push into the public to present their “Ostravaganza” to a broad audience. The musical avant-garde was originated in the East, was betrayed, dispossessed, forgotten and finally shall be rehabilitated. Including coming-outs, nervous break-downs, confession orgys and emotional minefields…


November 19, 2022, 20:00 

Flutgraben Kunstverein

Am Flutgraben 3, 12435 Berlin

December 15, 2022, 20:00


Kottbusser Damm 22, 10967 Berlin

January 2023, TBA


Mehringdamm 34, 10961 Berlin

A film by Martin Miotk and Opera Lab Berlin

Supported by "Initiative New Music Berlin e.V"

inspired by "Aisteach" by Jennifer Walshe

Executive Producer: Martin Miotk and Evan Gardner

Director of Photography: Andrea Bonetti and Evan Gardner

Production Designer: Martin Miotk

Edited by Andrea Bonetti and Meika Dresenkamp ( Dr. Gabi Thöns)

Soundtrack by Giovanni Zaniol

Costume Designer / Costume Maker: Hair and Make up: Andy Besuch

Costume making for Pitti, Frau Elster, Schnatti and Herr Fuchs: Andy Besuch

Wigs for Desirée Nick: Brigitte Frank (Kammerspiele Munich)

Wig for Marion Christen: Paula Cara (Maxim Gorki Theatre)

Starring: Bob Schneider, Desirée Nick, Giso Weissbach, Dagmar Gelbke, Sabine Denkinger, Barbara Alphen and Dr. Gabriele Thöns

Casting by Martin Miotk

Final sound mixing and mastering: Tad Klimp

Colorgrader: Juán Ramirez

Props/Special Effects: Christina Lelli

3D Animation "Swanlake: Michael von zur Mühlen

Costume assistance: Sophie Peters

Production assistance: Marta Blazanovic-Drefers and Julie Kurzke

The Great (re)Learning

A music-theater gathering experiment

The artists' collective Opera Lab Berlin presents "The Great (re)Learning", a musical theater spectacle at the artists' association Flutgraben on the Spree Kreuzberg/Tempelhof.

The Corona pandemic has increased everything, especially the differences between people and all that separates them from each other. That's why the task now is to overcome the differences again and rebuild what they have in common. But this is something that needs to be learned. Welcome to: The Great (re)Learning!

After years of contact restrictions, we are implementing a large-scale music-performative social experiment: maximum contact entanglement. We will relearn how to be physically together. We will reconnect to the social, psychological and emotional group dynamics that are essential to the human condition. We will embrace the herd mentality to gather and create a collective experience together. Join us for music theater as social action!

„Gefördert von der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Rahmen von NEUSTART KULTUR“ 

Flutgraben Kunstverein, Am Flutgraben 3, 12435 Berlin

Premiere: Nov. 25, 2022, 20:00

Further Performances: 26./27./28. Nov. 2022, 20:00 Uhr  

www.opera-lab-berlin.com | www.flutgraben.org

Composition: Cornelius Cardew

Concept and Direction: Anna Weber and Gina May Walter

Choreography: Ruben Nsue

Stage & Costume: Cristina Lelli

Light Deisgn: Max Rux

Sound Design: tadklimp

Make-up: Martin Rink

Production Management & Communication: Kirsten Voss Petersen

Communication Design: Sophie Pischel and Lena Würschling

Artistic Direction and Version: Evan Gardner


WITH: Lisa Ströckens (vocals), Alba Gentili-Tedeschi (keyboards), Jone Bolibar Núñez (clarinet), Amanda Bailey (viola and violin), Ruben Nsue (dance)


(improvise an opera)

Wagner must be conquered. Music theater must free itself from the trap of the Gesamtkunstwerk and find its way back to its roots: the game. The play of instruments, a performance with a slice of bread and games. What is the opposite of 5 hours of notated insanity? The improvisation of the players and the audience: music theater as a game show. 

During the pandemic, Opera Lab Berlin continued its education: a comedy improv course started as a teambuilding activity and ended in a new artistic idea. How can improvisational art from dance, jazz & blues, baroque music and classical free improvisation be brought together in an entertaining form? 

Inspired by ancient mime, contact improvisation, mystery dinners, soap operas and reality TV, the show will be different every night - because the audience will determine the progress of the action. The lights in the hall will definitely not be dimmed, and whatever may come: bet that Big Brother will lose the drag race against RuPaul and move to Schillerstrasse with Wagner? All in all: TOTAL WORK ART.

Composition: Opera Lab Berlin

Performers: Sophie Catherin, Kirsten Voss Petersen, Gina May Walter, Guilherme Rodrigues, Amanda Bailey, Nina Guo

Directional Advisor and Leitung: Daniel Brunet

Dramaturgy: Georg Bochow

Choreography Advisor: Ruben Nsue 

Stage & Costume: Cristina Lelli

Make-up: Martin Rink 

Production Management: Kirsten Voss Petersen 

Light Design: Max Rux

Sound Engineering: tadklimpt

Artistic Director: Evan Gardner

Love & Diversity

Manos Tsangaris’ "Love & Diversity" takes the aesthetic form of a speed date. Seven musicians and one actress, positioned in their own distinct performance station, inhabit the theatrical space. Meanwhile, small groups of three audience members move from station to station until they have experienced all eight performances. These dates develop a rich web of instrumental music, spoken text, video and light interactions, where the instrumentalists themselves are the actors.

28. April 2023 


Am Kirschberg 4

99423 Weimar

Composer: Manos Tsangaris

Director: Michael Höppner

Stage-design: Martin Miotk & Cristina Lelli

Costume-design: Andy Besuch & Cristina Lelli

Production Management & Communication: Kirsten Voss Petersen 

Artistic Director: Evan Gardner

WITH: Performers from Opera Lab Berlin