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The next experiment in contemporary music theater is already bubbling in the test tubes of Opera Lab Berlin. We - an ensemble of singers, instrumentalists, composers, directors, lighting and sound designers, costume and set designers, dancers, choreographers, performance artists, actors - unite all the theatrical crafts to create unique pieces. Always on the lookout for new narratives, corresponding formats and exciting venues.
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The idea of absolute silence is both gratifying and threatening. Silence can be wellness or torture, a coveted resource or an absolute nightmare. But above all, it is an impossibility: "Try as we may to make a silence, we cannot," John Cage observed after visiting an anechoic chamber and encountering not silence but the buzzing of his nervous system and the throbbing of his blood.

¡SILENCIO, POR FAVOR! initiates a search for perfect silence, knowing full well that it does not exist. Therefore, when the ensemble searches for silence, it is actually searching for sounds: sounds of everyday life, sounds of coincidence, unintented sounds and inaudible sounds that buzz through the space in the form of imperceptible frequencies. Using selected works by John Cage and Cathy van Eck and with the help of the antennae of sound artist Marta Zapparoli, Björnsson/Marx and Opera Lab create a dense mesh of music, sounds and texts, opening up a space for reflection and experience in which the ambivalence of silence is treated just as much as the contingency of our acoustic perceptions.

27th|28th|30th of April 2024 - 8pm

01st|03rd|04th of May 2024 - 8pm

English Theatre Berlin | 

International Performing Arts Center

Fidicinstraße 40,

10965 Berlin, Germany

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Concept by Julia Marx & Thorbjörn Björnsson

Directed by Thorbjörn Björnsson

Text & Dramaturgy by Julia Marx

Stage & Costume Design by Katri Saloniemi

Production Management by Claas Selck

Technical Direction & Lighting Design by Henning Streck

Live Sound & Music Production by Felix von Dohlen

Press & Communication by Sarah Rosenau

Production Assistance by Ben Goldby & Sadie Shea

Social Media by Julius Graupner

Graphic by Michael Weingart

Photography by Stefania Migliorati

Artistic Direction by Evan Gardner


With: Maria do Mar de Brito Lopes (Violin/Performance), Raphael Papo (Violin/Performance) Francesca Verga (Viola/Performance), Guilherme Rodrigues (Violoncello/Performance), Marta Zapparoli (Tapes/Antennas/Performance), Ula Liagaitè (Dance/Performance)

With selected works by John Cage & Cathy van Eck


Based on our love for Synthesizers, especially the once from Moog, we want to spotlight a personality who usually does not like to be named officially

Share Your Story about Wendy Carlos!

Wendy Carlos, formerly known as Walter Carlos, is an icon in the music and art world. Her groundbreaking contributions to electronic music and pioneering work in the use of synthesizers have inspired and influenced generations of artists.

We invite musicians, artists, and directors to share their personal stories and meanings related to Wendy Carlos. Perhaps her music has influenced your creative work, inspired you to new artistic heights, or helped you better understand yourself.

Tell us what Wendy Carlos means to you and share a special story or memory that you associate with her music. Whether it's an anecdote about the first moment you heard her music, a specific composition that changed your life, or how she shaped your artistic vision - we want to hear your unique perspective.

Please submit your stories and memories along with your name, artistic background, and any links to your work to operalabberlin@gmail.com. Selected stories may be shared on our platforms to celebrate Wendy Carlos's impact on the creative community.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning about your connection to this significant artist. By collecting these personal stories, we aim to celebrate Wendy Carlos's impact on music and culture while highlighting the diverse ways in which she has inspired individuals around the world. Through sharing these stories, we hope to honor her legacy and inspire future generations of artists.