Du darfst nicht lieben

(You may not love)

Im Feld #1

Staged Concert

Music by: Johann Sebastian Bach, Salvatore Sciarrino, Richard Wagner, Franz Schubert, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Leonard Bernstein, John Cage und Evan Gardner

Text from: Thomas Manns Doktor Faustus

Just as God and the Devil argue incessantly over Faust’s soul, they also quarrel for an eternity over music: is it an audible image of divine order, or a chaotic work of devilish creation? This staged chamber concert explores the Faust legend both musically and theatrically as a parable for the tension between tradition and innovation in the development of the modern classical concert.

Instrumentation: Soprano, flute, clarinet, four trombones, 

tuba, violin, viola, ’cello

Arrangements & Live Electronics-Programme: Evan Gardner 

Director: Michael Höppner

Stage-design: Günter Lemke

Duration: 1h30

Photography: Martin Koos ©

Marielou Jacquard: Sopran / Soprano

Margarita Timoshin:

Maxim Conrad: Clarinet

Musashi Baba: Trombone

Ann-Catherina Strehmel: Trombone

Tsang Kai Chun: Trombone

Anders Østergaard Frandsen: Trombone

Kota Sakamoto: Tuba

Chatschatur Kanajan: Violin

Monika Grimm: Viola

Ulrike Brand: Violoncello