Love & Diversity

Im Feld #3

Music theater performance for ensemble

Generously supported by littlebit production office for contemporary art, concert financed by the Deutsche Musikrat

You are sitting at a bar and eventually move on from one place to another throughout the night. In this reflection of urban loneliness you encounter new faces with whom you share seemingly insignificant moments. But just maybe you will have an encounter that transforms a stranger into the love of your life; a slight twist of fate that you might expect to find in a piece of musical theater. Manos Tsangaris’ „Love & Diversity“ takes the aesthetic form of a speed date. Seven musicians and one actress, positioned in their own distinct performance station, inhabit the theatrical space. Meanwhile, small groups of three audience members move from station to station until they have experienced all eight performances. These dates develop a rich web of instrumental music, spoken text, video and light interactions, where the instrumentalists themselves are the actors.

Instrumentation: Flute, clarinet, toy piano, violin, viola, ’cello, 

double bass, performer, 4 guides

Composer: Manos Tsangaris

Director: Michael Höppner

Stage-design: Martin Miotk

Costume-design: Andy Besuch

Makeup: Martin Rink

Duration: variable, ca.1.5-2 Hours, (entry in groups of 4, every 5 min., duration for each round ca. 35 min

Photography: Martin Miotk ©, Martin Koos ©

Shin Joo Morgantini: Flute

Maxim Conrad: Clarinet

Alba Gentili-Tedeschi: Toy Piano

Sarah Saviet: Violin

Ann Garlid: Viola

David Eggert: Violoncello

Clara Gervais: Contrabass

Nolundi Tschudi: Performance

Maya Shenfeld, Evdoxia Filippou, Nora Krahl: Guides