Songs of Rebellion

Opera Lab Berlin & Ensemble Garage

Brigitta Muntendorf / Michael Höppner

Generously supported by Kunststiftung NRW, the Berlin Senate (Spartenoffene Förderung) and Rudolf Augstein Stiftung

In SONGS OF REBELLION Brigitta Muntendorf (composer) and Michael Höppner (stage director) expose themselves and the "Community of Practice", an alliance of various ensembles, to the individual and collective power of protest songs and stage their ambivalent relationship to forms of uprising. The contradictory role of this song type, swaying between confrontation and conformity as stimulant, icon, myth, symbol of resistance or party tune, deems it both immortal and vulnerable. SONGS OF REBELLION unfolds an immersive musical, theatrical and medial control room, in which escapism and agitation, art and politics, new music and pop, contemplation and action can at any time be a fanfare or lullaby for the rebellion.

Composer: Brigitta Muntendorf

Stage Director: Michael Höppner

Stage, Costume and Make-up Design: Jule Saworski

Video: Warped Type (Andreas Huck and Roland Nebe)

Sound design: Maximilian Estudias

Technical Director, Lights: Lukas Becker

Clarinet, performance: Carola Schaal

Trombone, performance: Till Künkler

Viola, performance: Louis Bona

Synthesizer, performance: Malgorzata Walentynowicz

Percussion, performance: Evdoxia Filippou

Performance: Brigitta Muntendorf

Performance: Michael Höppner

World premiere on 27th and 28th of September 2019 at Ballhaus Ost.