Im Feld #8

Supported by inm (Initiativ Neue Musik Berlin) and the Berliner Sparkasse

Hyper-civilisation versus fundamental instinct. In the not so distant future, functional communication between the sexes must be painstakingly learned in self-help courses. Eight men and women try to overcome their speechlessness within the protected framework of a self-help group, approaching their real needs through a process of "re-naturalization". Compositions by Carola Bauckholt are combined conceptually and scenically into a musical theatre evening which examines the narrow line between social norms and our animal instincts.

Composer: Carola Bauckholt

Director: Eva-Maria Weiss

Stage and Costume: Lisa Fütterer

Musical Director: Antoine Daurat

Light: Gustav Kleinschmidt

Dramaturgy: Nadja Sühnel

Artistic Director: Evan Gardner

Coaching: Oliver Torr

Technical Direction for the Ackerstadtpalast:  Gustav Kleinschmidt

Production Assistant:  Eva Pegel

Angela Braun: Soprano

Bettina Gfeller: Mezzo soprano

Sophie Catherin: Alto

Magnús Hallur Jónsson: Tenor

Thorbjörn Björnsson: Baritone

Timotheus Maas: Bass

Victor Barceló: Percussion

Evdoxia Filippou: Percussion

Antoine Daurat: Musical Director