Wir aus Glas

Music theatre

Co-production between the Munich Biennale and the Deutsche Oper Berlin in cooperation with Opera Lab Berlin

The everyday life: countless small routines, which unpredictably unwind again and again. From the morning tooth brushing and toilet visit through to bed-time mode at night, we move inevitably through each and every day. But what becomes of our rituals if we put them under the lens? In WIR AUS GLAS, such routines are emphasised and distorted by the composer Yasutaki Inamori through instrumental soundscapes. The everyday lives of different people are subjected to microscopic examination: we follow six inhabitants of a city over a period of one week, considering their consistent daily activities, and enlarging through observation all their peculiarities; what changes, what stops, what gets out of step, and what indeed cannot get out of step. This results in a mosaic of diverse little excerpts of life; a reflection on relationship between the public and the private, and the difficulty of finding a balance between the two.

Composer, concept: Yasutaki Inamori

Libretto, concept: Gerhild Steinbuch

Director: David Hermann

Stage: Jo Schramm

Costume: You-Jin Seo

Dramaturgue: Dorothea Hartmann

Musical Study: Elda Laro

Blond woman: Michelle Daly

Brunette woman: Alexandra Hutton

Old man: Clemens Bieber

Young man: Thomas Florio

Sad man: Steffen Scheumann

Choir: Magdalena Motyl, Ludwig Obst, Eduardo Rojas, Anna Schors, Natalia Nesterenko, Ena Pongrac

Musicians (Opera Lab Berlin): Louise Leverd (Cello), Florian Bensch (Fagot), Mia Bodet (Violin), Kelsey Maiorano (Oboe), Callum G'Froerer (Trumpet), Jack Adler-McKean (Tuba, Trombone)

Photos © Eike Walkenhorst